Elasticity, Fracture and Flow: with Engineering and Geological Applications

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Three-dimensional elastic analysis by the displacement discontinuity method with boundary division into triangular leaf elements. Pore pressure, stress increase, and fault weakening in low angle normal faulting. Laboratory testing of an automatic method for determining normal fault geometry at depth. Global positioning system measurements of strain accumulation across the Imperial Valley, California: — Observation of local site effects at a downhole-and-surface station in the Marina District of San Francisco. Role of elastic, undrained, and drained responses in triggering earthquakes at Monticello Reservoir, South Carolina.

Elasticity Fracture Flow

Reservoir-associated earthquakes of April in Western Thailand: source modeling and implications for induced seismicity. Application of ground-water flow models as predictive tools -a review of two ground-water models of eastern Honey Lake Valley, California-Nevada. Semi-analytical model for borehole catchments and time-of-travel zones which incorporates recharge and aquifer boundaries. Large-scale natural gradient tracer test in sand and gravel, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Hydraulic conductivity variability and calculated microdispersivities. Boundary integral technique for multiple-front simulation of incompressible, immiscible flow in porous media.

Analytical solution for one-dimensional transport in porous media with an exponential dispersion function.

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Technical note. Interaction: pollutant and containment materials in arid environment. Quantification of reusable subsurface irrigation return flows in Colorado Springs. Remedial actions for contaminated groundwater, including some engineering geological aspects. Evaluation of similar-media scaling and a one-parameter model for estimating the soil water characteristic.

Characterization of the Bothkennar clay: implications for site investigation practice. Acoustic determination of air-filled porosity and relative air permeability of soils.

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Characterization of heterogeneities in permeable media with computed tomography imaging. Hydrogeological use of thin sections: inexpensive estimates of groundwater flow and transport parameters. Relations between modulus of elasticity and temperature in the context of the experimental simulation of rock weathering by fire. Quality control tests and acceptance specifications for concretionary laterite gravel aggregates. Influence of depositional processes on the geotechnical parameters of Chicago glacial clays.

Progressive destructuring of Bothkennar clay: implications for sampling and reconsolidation procedures. Influence of laboratory sample preparation procedures on the strength and stiffness of intact Bothkennar soil recovered using the Laval sampler. Note on non-linear elasticity of isotropic overconsolidated clays. Sensitivity of sandstone strength and deformability to changes in moisture content.

Material strength of sandstones of the Sherwood Sandstone Group of north Staffordshire with reference to microfabric. Limestone to dolomite to dedolomite conversion and its effect on rock strength: a case study.

nn.threadsol.com/62455-how-to-locate.php Parameter identification procedure as a dual boundary control problem for linear elastic materials. Correlations between L and N-type Schmidt hammer rebound values obtained during field testing. Yield locus of a diatomaceous mudstone with artificially made plane of separation. Risks in using materials data obtained from repeated load triaxial tests in pavement design and analysis. Interpretation of the tilt response of two tiltmeters to water injection into a tar sands formation. Optimal fracture stimulation of a moderate-permeability reservoir - Kuparuk River unit, Alaska.

Application of mechanisms derived from numerical simulations to mechanized mining problems. Microfracturing during brittle rock failure: a model for the Kaiser effect including sub-critical crack growth. Computer simulation of crack propagation in proximity to a tunnel by displacement discontinuity method. Estimate of rebound potential of the Shaftesbury shales at a damsite in British Columbia.

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Transient creep behavoiur of Schilsandstein in multistage loading and unloading tests. Micromechanics of rock friction 2: Quantitative modeling of initial friction with contact theory. Micromechanics of rock friction 1.

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Effects of surface roughness on initial friction and slip hardening in Westerly Granite. Compositional control of magnetic anisotropy in the Thompson formation, east-central Minnesota. Theoretical treatment of the effect of microscopic fluid distribution on the dielectric properties of partially saturated rocks. Field investigation of hydraulic conductivity in saprolitic materials - comparison of methods and techniques. Remarks on the design of clay liners used in lagoons as hydraulic barriers.

Coupled geomechanic-multiphase flow model for analysis of in situ recovery of cohesionless oil sands. Water throughflow and the physical effects of deformation on sedimentary glacier beds. Parameter estimation of the coefficients in soil hydraulic equations from steady-state unsaturated flow.

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Some laboratory measurements of permeability of Bothkennar clay in relation to soil fabric. Leachate flow rate behavior through geotextile and soil filters and possible remediation methods. New method of characterizing fissured media by pumping tests with observation wells. Innovative use of groundwater sampling equipment to determine aquifer characteristics in Precambrian basement rocks of Uganda. Characterization of properties of an unripe marine clay soil, II.

A method on the dtermination of hydraulic properties. Formation of borders in porous media during evaporation and their influence on permeability. Discrete fracture network interpretation of field tracer migration in sparsely fractured rock. Transport of rate-limiting sorbing solutes in heterogeneous porous media: application of a one-dimensional multifactor nonideality model to field data. Solute transport through layered soil profiles: zero and perfect travel time correlation models. Measurements of matric suction and volume changes during inundation of collapsible soil. Stress path dependence of matrix permeability of North Sea sandstone reservoir rock.

Motion equations of the dynamic theory of consolidation from the point of view of the theory of transient pipe flows. Analysis of ground water level fluctuations and borehole extensometer data from the Baytown Area, Houston, Texas. Finite element analysis of land subsidence due to the variation of groundwater level. Prediction of future subsidence with quantified uncertainty by an inverse analysis procedure. Constitutive equation of one-dimensional consolidation derived from inter-connected tests.

Characterization of properties of an unripe marine clay soil, I. Shrinkage processes of an unripe marine clay soil in relation to physical ripening. Determination of the compressible soil properties required to model subsidence in the area of Houston, Texas. Two-dimensional consolidation analysis of organic subsoil in terms of large strain.

Shear-wave velocity estimation in porous rocks: theoretical formulation, preliminary verification, and applications. Effects of heterogeneities and anisotropy on sonic and ultrasonic attenuation of rocks.

Seismic cone analysis using digital signal processing for dynamic site characterization. Evaluation and prediction of shear wave velocities in calcareous marine sediment and rocks. Reflection and refraction of plane harmonic waves at an interface between elastic solid and porous solid saturated by viscous liquid.

Shear wave reflectivity, anisotropies, Poisson's ratios, and densities of a southern Appalachian Paleozoic sedimentary sequence. In situ stresses, soil suction, undrained shear strength and Ko of expansive clays from Adelaide City. Distribution, frequency and magnitude of ground movements at Ventnor, Isle of Wight. Local lithospheric stress distribution deduced by means of the total inversion algorithm and an objective classification method.

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Fundamental study on the estimation of geo-stress and fracturing state of rock using acoustic emission technique. In situ stress and stiffness at seven overconsolidated clay and weak rock sites - Part 1. Modelling overburden geochemistry: enhancing reclamation planning for coal mines. Strata 3: a multi-surface graphics package for the management of engineering geology data. Method of producing engineering geology maps of Nottingham England for use by planners and engineers.

Borehole radar applied to the characterization of hydraulically conductive fracture zones in crystalline rock. Difficulties with phase spectrum unwrapping in spectral analysis of surface waves nondestructive testing of pavements.