How to Get Million Dollar Gifts and Have Donors Thank You!

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Unlike many consultants, he still works with donors at every stage of the giving pipeline. Imagine being able to talk strategy on your top donors every single month with Clark in a Monthly Moves Management Call.


Are there people giving to your organization at a modest level who have suggested they would be willing to give much more? With an innate ability to connect with donors on a personal level, Clark has a gift for going into a meeting and asking the right questions to unlock these gifts.

You can book an entire Major Gifts Fundraising Seminar or invite Clark to be a speaker at your next event. To get a million dollar gift you need a million dollar idea. Does your mission and vision excite your donors or have things gotten a little stale?

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Your cause is important and if you feel stuck you owe it to your cause to get moving again. Clark can help. Is your organization about to or already involved in a capital or special campaign to raise money far beyond your annual fundraising needs? Clark can manage the entire process, working with professional staff, board members, and volunteers, as well as meeting with and soliciting prospective major donors.

Before you even embark on your campaign Clark can meet with prospective donors to assess the feasibility of your campaign. We send emails about once a week with great tips, resources, articles and other things you need to take your fundraising to the next level.

Do you want to raise more money?

There's such a difference in the dynamics of a relationship when your donor views you as a friend and a trusted adviser and not just as someone trying to sell them. Here are my 10 Traits of Trusted Advisers. Practice these in all of your relationships.

Before you can ask for a bigger gift, you need to learn what your donor would be willing to invest in, and you don't learn We remember better the things that we say much better than the things that are said to us. Think about your most recent conversation. It's likely that you have a better recall of the things that you said than the things that were said to you.

As a major gifts You were excited to get the meeting. The donor you visited had been supporting the organization for a long time.

Kylie and Kris Jenner Reward Inspiring Women with Huge Gifts

He said that all he got was a letter from the university thanking him. That was it. Of course I was beside myself. No call from the athletic director or university president? In fact, I had to call them to see if I could come out to see the facility. I was really disappointed, and Jeff, I was really upset about all that. I then asked what he has done since he gave the gift. What a total lack of respect for a donor.

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They needed to build a brand new facility, as the old one was not suitable anymore. So, of course, I wanted to give. I think I received five letters, all from different people. Two were actually from veterans who were going to use that facility. Then, they asked me and my family to come for the groundbreaking with other donors.

After the building was done, they threw a party for us and did all kinds of speeches. It was impressive. The executive director actually calls me once a month to get my advice on things. It was impressive. The executive director actually calls me once a month to get my advice on things. Of course! So, there you have it. Here is a donor that wants to give back, but also wants to know his gifts are appreciated. He just wanted to be recognized properly. The large university was not donor-centered.

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And, you know the result. The veterans group, on the other hand, nurtured and continue to cultivate that relationship and look what happens.

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Richard and I see nonprofits all the time that do not thank donors properly. They love the money, but forget about the donor.

Thank Your Donors: How a Major University Blew It (and a Small Nonprofit Won) - NonProfit PRO

Thank them in the right way. Show them they are appreciated. Jeff believes that if nonprofits truly want to grow and obtain more net revenue for their mission, it will come through creating, building and successfully managing major-gift programs. The Connections blog will give you inspiration and practical advice to help you succeed. Jeff has more than 25 years of nonprofit fundraising experience and is senior partner of the Veritus Group.