Modern Bamboo Structures: Proceedings of the First International Conference

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Research Fellowship by K. Most active consultant merit award by PTec Supervisor of the student awarded the most outstanding PolyU student in Class I award by The Ministry of Education in Mainland China for work in nonlinear analysis and design of high rise buildings. Figure 6.

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The 1st full scale specimen Unit A and the assembling phases. Figure 7. Figure 8. Figure 9.

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Figure Constructive Solutions for One-Storey Buildings The structural solutions here tested through full scale frames can be easily implemented in different types of buildings, which are common in a large number of states like India, Latin America, East Asia or Sub-Saharan Africa [ 40 , 41 , 42 , 43 ], most of them rich in bamboo. Example of plan view for religious centre with units A and B.

Modern Bamboo Structures

Discussion The three proposed types of joint provide different solutions in terms of technology. Final Comments and Conclusions In this work three different types of bamboo joints are proposed. Acknowledgments The authors wish to thank Elisa Bonannini for technical support and Andrea Mannucci for the construction of the full scale specimens. Author Contributions Mauro Sassu conceived and designed the types of joints, the full scale specimens and the units for buildings; Linda Giresini, Anna De Falco and Mario Lucio Puppio contributed to the design of the system, the numerical analysis and conducting of the tests.

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Conflicts of Interest The authors declare no conflict of interest. References 1. Strength analysis of bamboo by microscopic investigation of bamboo fibre. Zhou A. Hybrid approach to determine the mechanical parameters of fibers and matrixes of bamboo. Sharma B. Methods of determining transverse mechanical properties of full-culm bamboo. Uko C. Strength properties of raffia bamboo. Experiments with rings to determine the anisotropic elastic constants of bamboo. Amada S. Viscoelastic properties of bamboo.

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Pacheco-Torgal F. Cementitious building materials reinforced with vegetable fibres: A review. Flexural behaviour of babadua reinforced one-way slabs subjected to third-point loading. Huang D. Experimental and analytical study on the nonlinear bending of parallel strand bamboo beams. Mahdavi M. A low-technology approach toward fabrication of Laminated Bamboo Lumber. Chung K. Mechanical properties of structural bamboo for bamboo scaffoldings. Department of Planning and Development—Government of Bihar. Elizabeth S. On the seismic performance of bamboo structure. Purwito M.

Magical houses, made of bamboo - Elora Hardy

Sassu M. Chapter 7: Vernacular Construction. In: Brzev S. World Housing Encyclopedia Summary Publication. Romagno D. Arce O. Connection of bamboo elements.

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Ngoma I. TEP; Pisa, Italy: A proposal of bamboo frameworks for low-cost constructions in seismic areas. Open J.

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Singh M. Bioclimatism and vernacular architecture of north-east India. Zea Escamilla E.

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Global or local construction materials for post-disaster reconstruction? Sustainability assessment of twenty post-disaster shelter designs. Nguyen A. An investigation on climate responsive design strategies of vernacular housing in Vietnam. Kumar R. An appraisal of low-cost mass housing in Kerala state. Andreini M. Mechanical characterization of masonry walls with chaotic texture: Procedures and results of in-situ tests.

Biaxiality effect on the energy dissipated by elastoplastic base-isolators. Archived from the original on Sharma; A. Gatoo; M. Bock; H. Mulligan; M. Ramage October Retrieved May 28, Woodworking Network. August 16, Retrieved July 23, Silvicultural management of bamboo in the Philippines and Australia for shoots and timber. Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research. Journal of Bamboo and Rattan. Ghana Journal of Forestry.