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Department of Psychosomatic Medicine and Psychotherapy

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Scope Psychosomatic Medicine is a Specialty Section of Frontiers in Psychiatry that aims to publish articles that address the interplay between biological, physiological and social factors in the pathogenesis of disease. Read More. World-class research. Ultimate impact. Editorial Board. This section has no chief editors. View all Apply. Research Topics. Learn more View all Suggest a Topic. Deutsch, Felix Training in Psychosomatic Medicine. Advances in Psychosomatic Medicine Dongier, M. New York: Columbia Univ. New York: Random House. Louis, Mo. Dykman, Roscoe A.

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    Is Psychosomatic Medicine Real?

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    Psychosomatic medicine is the study, diagnosis, and treatment of physical health conditions that stem from emotional problems.

    It emphasizes the unity of the mind and body in health and medicine. Many physicians believe understanding the psychological causes of illnesses is a key in understanding and treating the physical symptoms of the illnesses themselves. Throughout recorded history, people are said to have been cured of diseases by various mystical practices, such as incantation, prayer, the laying on of hands, and other rituals.

    It is unclear exactly when medical practitioners made a connection between the mind and certain diseases, although records show that it dates back to at least the s. In , German physician Franz Anton Mesmer — applied a scientific basis for mysticism when he waved magnets over some patients to cure them. He later discovered the magnets were not needed and he could get the same results by passing his hands over some patients. He called his technique "animal magnetism," and said it was based on the principle that illnesses occur when the body's flow of natural electromagnetic energy becomes blocked.

    He opened a practice in Vienna , Austria , and later went to Paris , where he lived and worked for six years, using magnetism and hypnosis to treat illnesses. He was eventually driven out of both cities and labeled a "quack" since his techniques did not always work. Mesmer's work was studied by American scientist and statesman Benjamin Franklin — and French chemist Antoine Lavoisier — , who became famous for isolating oxygen. Both spent years duplicating Mesmer's work, but with no successful results. However, the research led Franklin to conclude that the mind does have an influence over physical ailments; that in some patients, the belief that they will be cured actually cures them.

    Further research into psychosomatic medicine was conducted by Austrian psychologist Sigmund Freud — in the late s.